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Posted by on Feb 20, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments

living life on purpose – knowing your passion?

I’m thinking lots about passion right now.  This has been initiated not by my understanding of passion and what this means for me, but in conversations I have had with others recently who see the need to “find” their passion as being the reason why they are holding back on the life they need to live.

And I’m really not sure about what the answer is, however I am now intensely curious about that.  Is passion something that you need to search for, hunt for, put effort into, in order to find?  Or is it something that can be buried deep inside, so deep that we lose our ability to access it?  Or neither?

I don’t know the answer to this and nothing I read is really telling me that either.  And I can tell you that there is a lot written about finding your passion and I bet you that I probably own 90% of those books.

I know what my passions are, and to be honest I feel lucky enough to say that I have enough areas of passion that I could fill my whole life exploring only some of them.  But one thing that I am passionately (had to throw that word in) curious about is how others discover / rediscover their passion.

My personal view at this point in time, is that we yearn to know our passion because that will tell us our purpose in life.  I believe that there is an increasing shift in people searching  for meaning.  Perhaps it is because in the western world, most of us have our base needs met (roof over head, food, security) so as per Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we are moving up the scale towards self-actualisation?  Perhaps not?  I’m not sure.

More on this soon….

(photo above taken on a gorgeous summer’s morning in Nelson when I was staying down there for work – I took my DSR camera down and had a wonderful half hour playing photographer before starting my working day)

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