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Posted by on Jun 12, 2010 in Blog | 0 comments

My Story? Your Story?

Auckland Skyline

I was having lots of thoughts about my very first blog post for Possibility!

I mean, first post, it’s got to be fairly important, right?  So I should really do my research and think about what I want my readers to read,  who I want my readers to be, what my readers want to read, right?

After different ideas dancing and swirling around but with none actually landing, I let go of what I “should” do and what I am “supposed” to do and got down to what I think is the crux of the matter.

This is my story.  This is my journey with my business called Possibility.  I am ultra ultra excited about this journey and have some major BHAG’s  (big hairy audacious goals if you haven’t come across that before and HOW I love the hairiness part) and while this is my story, some of it may become yours.

What do I mean?  Well, as much I would love it if all wisdom and thoughts of genius sprung from the grey matter inside my head, it is when I come across tidbits and stories from any random person (famous or not) that for some reason hits me at the right time and resonates and takes me on a slightly different trajectory.   Most of the time these people will have no idea whatsoever that something that they said or wrote has changed my life (even if just a smidgens).  However it was what I needed to hear at that moment in time and that added some new and interesting layers to my story.

My husband worked as a team supervisor when the Sky  Tower was being built however many years ago.  (For those who don’t know Auckland it pretty much pretties up our skyline and I think it looks good although some have compared it to a hypodermic needle).  He was in his early-mid twenties and was managing a team of contractors which was mainly made up of young guys.  Out of frustration more than anything, he had a talk to a young kid about 16/17 who was working hard at not working hard (and that can be quite hard work you know).  He said “There’s no point f@#%ing around (builders speaking here), if you work hard the day goes fast and you will get a better job”.  His only intention at that point was to get this young kid to actually work and he didn’t think anything more of it.  The job soon finished and they went their separate ways.

About five years later he bumped into that young guy at a bar.  He came up to my husband and said “what you said to me changed my life”.  At this point my husband, bless his soul, had absolutely no idea about what this guy was going on about.  So this young guy (now in his early twenties)  reminded him of what was said and told my husband that he did start working, he started enjoying working, and then with a substantial amount of pride, talked about being a foreman on a large job which was a pretty good achievement for a young guy.

One sentence which was said out of frustration rather than any philanthropic intentions, changed a life.  Who knows what direction this kid might have gone if he hadn’t actually listened to it at that time.  It’s more than possible he would have got the same message from someone else and still ended up on that trajectory.  It definitely made my husband think  about how his words, no matter how meaningless he may think they are, do have power.  We know about that power though, don’t we.  Often it is one small comment about weight that sparks a teenage girl’s eating disorder, or one teacher telling us when we are twelve that we can achieve anything in life that makes us believe  that anything is possible.

So while I am not saying that I guarantee words of wisdom, I will tell my story.  Some of it may be about my journey in developing this business, some may relate to sharing my expertise in the areas where I know a lot.  But maybe, just maybe, something I say one day might just resonate with you at the time when you need to hear it.


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